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The Menu Venue has branched out….. The new Recipe site is somewhere that you can look up and download recipes and creat that delicious masterpiece. With The Menu Venue you can also upload your own favourite recipes to the website and have your name in lights. recipe Welcome to The Menu Venue Recipe Site

This is different to many other recipes sites out there that host thousands of recipes at a time. This is an Isle of Wight website and the majority of the recipes on The Menu Venue Recipe Site are submitted by islanders for islanders.

If there is a category that you would like to see on here just contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you. This is, after all, your website as much as ours!

Now there really is something for everyone on The Menu Venue, whether you want to eat out, order in or cook for that special someone at home, The Menu Venue is the website for you.

Take a look through our recipes, read our interviews with the chefs and even take a look at some of the recipes that the chefs use…submit recipe button 150x150 Welcome to The Menu Venue Recipe Site

We would love to be able to include all dietary information such as  calories, fat, points etc, however we just do not have the time to research these in detail and we could not guarantee their accuracy so for now, we are just grouping things in the healthy category.
We hope you enjoy using our website.

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Have a great day and most of all – Enjoy your food!